Laurent DJ Fachi Ndhlovu a South Africa based Malawian from Euthini in Mzimba District and upcoming music artist is expected to launch his new album end this year. After studying different courses in Scientology in South Africa he ventures into music industry with his first Album titled Nikolani pawoko Fumu which means Hold my hand Lord”.

Our Reporter Augustine Kambuzi Banda caught up with DJ Fachi in Short Message System on WhatsApp to vindicate whats behind the Nikolani pawoko Fumu.

Q1 How do you describe you journey from mainstream media to music industry?

A1 Music is a creative art, it’s purely an imaginative, reasoning and sublimation approach with great love and enthusiasm, so it requires a person to be dictated for people to love your music.

Once worked as a Radio Presenter for almost five years at Radio Tigabane where music of different artists were in my ears perhaps every single day gave me an understanding of the definition of music.

I never dreamed of becoming a musician, but having excelled in different courses in Scientology in South Africa my life has changed technologically.

Q2 Despite studying different courses, Do you think music is inborn talent? 

A2 It might look in that way that people have hereditary music genes, which one shares with other generations and normally this talent is elevated with one’s environment.

Music can also be adapted through learning, someone has learn the art in many ways before becoming a best artist its not a surprise that my personality fits in this second classic adaptation.

There is a skill that helped me to learn anything in life remember ‘nothing is difficult and nothing is easy. The LLP; which means Look, Learn and Practice, helped me building a strong relation with music.

I composed all the songs myself, being the first album there might be errors within the music, but people perceive things in different ways, one would say this song is bad while others would enjoy the very same song.

Q3 Now you have released a new album; Give a synopsis of your album?

A3 The title of my Album is ‘Nikolani pawoko Fumu’ which means Hold my hand Lord. The lyric of this song emphasis on the trust and victory of God in my life in contrast with the other universe ways which in most cases have ended in sour.

The inner stem of the title also tells the story of an individual who never believed in God, was astray and lost with the belief of supernatural or sarcastic ways “Nayezga nthowa za chalo kwene na tondeka but he finally returned to God.

The overall message that the album carries is building and strengthening the unconditional love of God amongst the human race. Kuseli kwa Buku, Ndise Wamoza, Muvikilili Wane and Ndine Mungoni are some of the songs that will lift up our spirits.

Q4 When are you launching your first Album?

A4 The album will be on the market towards the end of this year, the first launch to be held here in South Africa and next year at home, in Malawi as the old saying home is best.

The album was recorded at KB records right here in South Africa except one song which was produced by Ralph Ching’amba at Ralph Records based in South Africa as well.

Q5 How do you see yourself on the Market? 

A5 The market is not easy nowadays especially in music industry, the sweat is fruitless, before you release your project someone has it already through piracy.

So a marketing strategy has been developed to sell CDs in phases, the first phase has already been initiated where those who want the music will have to book and their CDs are printed.

 This is one way of knowing the number of the CDs on the market and trucking down the pirated work.

The second phase will see my CDs on market with my representatives in different areas and will alert customers South Africa and in Malawi where to find CDs.



IMG_20170602_142508By Augustine Kambuzi

Volunteers from Denmark under Danish Church Aid which is in partnership with Sprodeta in the country on Friday, 2 June 2017 donated 45 desks to St Dominic Primary school at Bwengu in the area of Senior Chief Mtwalo.

According to the volunteers the initiative came following a visit to the school, where they found out that the school had only 13 desks a scenario which they said would affect learner’s performance in Class.

In an interview with one of the volunteers Christina said they managed buying 45 desks at a cost of MK700, 000 about ($ 1000).

“We found out that the school had only 13 desks which to us was not good considering that learners can do better in class when they sit comfortably”.

Adding she said, “It is difficult for girls to stand up and answer questions properly if they are sitting on the floor, so we asked our parents to support us in this initiative”, she adds.

In her remarks Raja one of DCA Volunteers to Malawi, acknowledged the hospitality of their host families she said the community at Bwengu has truly shown that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa.

“People are so loving and very helpful and the experience here has been amazing”.
Adding she said, “We give big thanks to our families who welcomed us like their own children”, She adds.

In acknowledging the support one of  learners Khumbo Hara standard 7 girl hailed DCA Volunteers for the donation of desks, she said the desks will promote girls education.

“At first it was very difficult for us to stand up and answer questions in class which was making us as if we don’t know anything but this time with this support we will participate properly in class”, she said.

The volunteers from Danish Church Aid stayed at Bwengu in Mzimba district for almost 3 months as they were trying to learn how people live in communities. The visit was possible through the partnership of Danish Church Aid and Small Producers Development and Transporters Association (SPRODETA) in the country.


IMG-20170118-WA0006By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

The Small Producer’s Development and Transporters Association has embarked on a 28.9 Million project (about $ 37,000) which aims at promoting local farmers through poultry farming in Mzimba District.

The project which is implemented with support from Danish Church Aid is being executed in two Traditional Authorities namely Mzikubola and Maulabo.

Speaking in an interview the Executive Secretary for Sprodeta Allen Kumwenda said the project intends to empower local farmers to be food secure and resilient through chicken production.

“Our intention is to improve people’s livelihoods in this case through chicken production, we are also concerned with vulnerable groups especially women like in Mzimba people think women cannot own productive resources which in return suffocates them to attend economic empowerment” he said.

Kumwenda added that as one way of improving local farmers livelihoods Sprodeta has already distributed over 5,000 local chickens at cost of $ 6,660 (about K4.5 million) to local farmers in Mzimba.

“So far we have managed to distribute chickens to more than 6,000 farmers, and through this project we anticipate to reach more than 12,000 local farmers in the next three years”, he adds.

One of the beneficiaries of the project who received 10 chickens Margret Nyirenda said the chickens will help her to sustain her family.

“I received 10 chickens Am a very happy person to be one of the beneficiaries of this project”, she said.

Adding she said, “some of the chickens have already started hatching”.

The Organization (Sprodeta) conducted a survey in local restaurants at Jenda, Nkhamenya, and Rumphi Boma just to mention a few and found that half of the customers eating lunch or dinner opts for local chicken than hybrid which pose as a market opportunity to local farmers.



By Augustine Kambuzi Banda
Being young doesn’t mean having small brains. It is the sharpness of the brain which prompts wisdom and vision in someone to be successful says a 27 year old Sylvester Kapondera who hails from Israel Village, Traditional Authority Kaluluma, Kasungu District.

Just like the tale of two cities by dickens while other energetic young men are busy complaining waiting to be empowered by government through entrepreneurship, some are actually busy empowering themselves.

One of such young man in the every green city of Mzuzu is Sylvester Kapondera a Bachelor’s Degree holder and also a fast rising star Journalist who is also in Taxi Business.

In an interview yesterday Kapondera said apart from being Journalist he started a Taxi business to sustain his life instead of waiting for the government to empower him economically.

“I started saving very little from my pocket money when I was studying at Malawi Institute of Journalism, which is different from other people who do not save and wait for the government to employ them, so we need the spirit of saving”, Said Kapondera.

Adding Kapondera said he was also involved in tobacco business where he was buying from farmers then selling at a good prices which helped him to accumulate the money for buying the first Taxi at 1.5 million kwacha (about $2000).

“The little I gained from selling tobacco and goats I managed to buy a Taxi as of now per day am able to make 9,000 kwacha”.

In expanding the business Market Kapondera said the profits from the first taxi and the partnership with her fiancée they have managed to buy another Taxi.

“The profits we made in the first place we bought another Taxi which is also making a lot of profits, and when the business is doing well we are able to find more profits”, said Kapondera.

The Taxi business will soon be branded S & M investments as Kapondera will be partnering with his fiancée. Kapondera said by 2020 the business is expected to have more than 4 vehicles running on the roads of Mzuzu City.


By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Right Reverend Bishop John Ryan has urged seminarians at St Patrick’s seminary to emulate the life of St Patrick the patron saint of the seminary.

The bishop said seminarians are to be humble, prayerful and persevere to pass through many challenges the world is facing today.

Bishop Ryan said this when he visited the seminary on a feast of St Patrick the patron saint of the seminary.

Speaking in an interview with Media Bishop Ryan said the world today is engulfed with a lot of challenges and disagreement which leads to war and destruction of the environment.

He said the solution to such problems is to prepare people who are humble, prayerful and perseverance so that they can heal the world which is crying.

“We know that there are a lot of challenges in the world today but I urge you (seminarians) to follow the three virtues humbleness, prayerful and perseverance which pope Francis ask us.

You are the future priests and ministers who will be able to heal the world which is crying”, Added the Bishop.

Every year St Patrick’s Minor Seminary in Rumphi celebrate the feast of St Patrick the patron saint of the seminary.


By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Bishop John Ryan has urged Malawians not to take nsima as the only staple food in the country which can help people to stay health.

The bishop said this today at St Thomas the Apostle Parish where he celebrated mass of risen  Christ and offered the sacrament of confirmation to over 120 people.

Speaking in an interview after mass the Bishop said Malawi has enough maize this year because it had received good rains, however he urged Malawians not to depend only on maize as the main crop.

“Yes we know Sima is very important to us as Malawians but lets change our mindset that Sima is not the only food that we can eat to stay health we have other crops that are good to our health.

This year we have bumpy yields because we had good rains we thank God for that, lets continue planting more crops together as one way preventing crop diseases thereby having more food”, He Adds.

The Bishop commended the work of Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) which is helping farmers in crop diversity in the country.

“To make sure that people have enough food, the church through CADECOM is working with people in Mzimba to promote sustainable production of vegetables and honey at St Padre Pio and St Augustine Parish this helps to have more food”, he adds.

Right Rev John Alphonsus Ryan Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese in February this year presided over and launched a project which aims at saving lives of hunger stricken households through provision of life saving food during the 2016/17 consumption year in Rumphi and Mzimba district with support from Papal Emergency fund.

The message of the Bishop comes barely three months after the president of republic of Malawi Professor Arthur Peter Munthalika also asked Malawian not only to depend on nsima as staple food.