By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Health Experts shades more light on Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision which youth in Mzuzu City claimed forces people to indulge in unprotected sex and promotes promiscuity.

In his remarks one of the experts in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) MacLennan Mhone from St John’s Hospital said the youth needs to understand that VMMC goes together with behavior change.

“It doesn’t mean that once circumcised then you are free from HIV/AIDS, VMMC only reduces chances of contracting HIV/AIDS by 60 percent”, he said.

Adding he said, “This does not mean people should start having unprotected or multiple sex in the name of VMMC, people should understand that there is 40 percent this means being faithful and abstinence has to be observed too”.

Mhone encouraged people to go for circumcision as it does not only protect people from contracting HIV virus but also protects women from contracting virus which causes cervical cancer in women.

Speaking to Radio Tigabane youth from different parts of Mzuzu City demanded more information on VMMC hence saying the action encourage prostitution and risky to HIV contraction.

“We are surprised, instead of sensitizing people on the dangers of multiple sex partners  and HIV/AIDS advocating organizations for male circumcision are focusing very much on VMMC that it reduces chances of getting HIV by  60%  this is putting more lives in danger of getting HIV people think of trying”, they said.

Adding youth said, what they know is that the epidemic is still claiming a lot of lives in Malawi with almost half of them being circumcised.

“All what we know is that HIV/AIDS is real, and the best way to avoid getting the virus is by abstinence, but  we wonder with organization who encourage circumcision somehow they are promoting promiscuity”, they added.

The government of Malawi and some Non-governmental organizations are advocating for medical male circumcision in Malawi as a way of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.




By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Saint John’s Hospital in Mzuzu which is under  the Catholic Church is set to hold a big walk on 6 may 2017 which is meant to fundraise funds for buying laboratory equipment which are worn out and outdated at the Hospital.

Speaking in an interview yesterday one of the senior Administrators Miss Elizabeth Philemon confirm the development.

 She said the money to be raised will help in purchasing of new equipment which are worn out at the Hospital. Elizabeth said the total budget is over 150 million kwacha ($200,000).

“It is true, we have organized a big walk on 6 may 2017 starting from Ekwendeni to our   hospital. Our aim is to fundraise money to buy equipment and our budget is about 150 million kwacha so far we managed to conduct BP Testing campaign in the City of Mzuzu but we raised very little money.

Apart from big walk we have also printed some T Shirts selling at 6,000 kwacha, we know St John’s Hospital was opened long time ago and has helped thousands of Malawians, today we are facing a lot of challenges it’s a plea to well-wishers and all Malawian for donations”, She said.

In his remarks Dr Timothy Kachitosi from St John’s Hospital expressed fear of poor service delivery due to lack of equipment, he made an appeal to all well-wishers to donate  equipment  they can afford so that the Hospital can deliver to its standards.

“We are in need of these equipment’s so that our job is delivered perfectly, the scarcity of such resources would mean many referrals to Central hospital which does not mean that we have failed our work but because of lack of Machines for operations”, he said

Some of the equipment that are urgently needed at the hospital are oxygen machines, autoclaves, Bp Machines Manual and Digital, Compressors, Resuscitaire, Ambulance just to mention a few.

Acknowledging the problem the Vicar General of Mzuzu Diocese Father Andrew Chunda confirmed the challenges which St John’s Hospital and other Mission Hospitals are passing through, however he said the Diocese is trying it’s best to resuscitate the Hospitals to work properly.

St John’s Hospital is one of the prominent hospital in Mzuzu City which was established in the early 1960 with Missionaries of Africa, Currently saving the population of over 200 thousand people.