IMG_20170419_230201.jpgAlbert From sprodeta making a presentation at Mzimba

By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

The government of Malawi through Mbelwa District Council has commended the Small Producers and Transporters Association, Sprodeta for its developmental activities in Mzimba District.

Speaking in an interview today at District Division Offices in Mzimba where Sprodeta presented some of its project to Councilors and Development Committee, the Director of Planning and Development for M’belwa Council Precious Katsitsi said Sprodeta is one of genius organization working in Mzimba.

He said Sprodeta has set a very good example which other organizations has to emulate from, as Sprodeta exchanged its projects achievements and the way forward with councilors, as it continues with the implementation of its projects in Mzimba.

“To Sprodeta well done for showing up to the Development Committee and councilors, we are privileged today to have heard projects that they are implementing in Mzimba, he said.

Adding he said, “We are thankful for their initiative, now that councilors know their projects it will be easy to mobilize communities to participate properly, this is what we need from other organizations let them come and interact with the council”, he adds.

However Katsitsi bemoaned the tendency of other organizations which resist working with the councils, especially the Development Committee which he said affects the work of Council and causes duplication of projects in the same areas.

In his remarks on the same concern Councilor for Kasito East ward who is also the Chairperson for Development Committee at Mbelwa District Council, Fumu Mdolo condemned the behavior of other organizations which have a tendency of hiding from the Council.

“If organizations resist working with the Development Committee two things are involved, both the organization lacks transparency or accountability and in most cases we have seen that such organizations their work on the ground has  less impact because they are not monitored”.

Adding he said, “Today as councilors we are happy because Sprodeta has enlightened as on their various projects which they are implementing in the district and we have vowed working with them”.

Meanwhile Senior Chief Mtwalo said he was impressed with the projects that Sprodeta is doing in Mzimba especially he commended the project which promotes livestock production. The senior chief said in Ngoni culture people believe in livestock production as their ultimate Bank where they deposit their money.

The Executive Secretary for Sprodeta, Allen Kumwenda said his organization thought it wise involving councilors through the Development Committee so that they should know and appreciate some of its projects in the same way they did with the Area Development Committee in the District previously.