Laurent DJ Fachi Ndhlovu a South Africa based Malawian from Euthini in Mzimba District and upcoming music artist is expected to launch his new album end this year. After studying different courses in Scientology in South Africa he ventures into music industry with his first Album titled Nikolani pawoko Fumu which means Hold my hand Lord”.

Our Reporter Augustine Kambuzi Banda caught up with DJ Fachi in Short Message System on WhatsApp to vindicate whats behind the Nikolani pawoko Fumu.

Q1 How do you describe you journey from mainstream media to music industry?

A1 Music is a creative art, it’s purely an imaginative, reasoning and sublimation approach with great love and enthusiasm, so it requires a person to be dictated for people to love your music.

Once worked as a Radio Presenter for almost five years at Radio Tigabane where music of different artists were in my ears perhaps every single day gave me an understanding of the definition of music.

I never dreamed of becoming a musician, but having excelled in different courses in Scientology in South Africa my life has changed technologically.

Q2 Despite studying different courses, Do you think music is inborn talent? 

A2 It might look in that way that people have hereditary music genes, which one shares with other generations and normally this talent is elevated with one’s environment.

Music can also be adapted through learning, someone has learn the art in many ways before becoming a best artist its not a surprise that my personality fits in this second classic adaptation.

There is a skill that helped me to learn anything in life remember ‘nothing is difficult and nothing is easy. The LLP; which means Look, Learn and Practice, helped me building a strong relation with music.

I composed all the songs myself, being the first album there might be errors within the music, but people perceive things in different ways, one would say this song is bad while others would enjoy the very same song.

Q3 Now you have released a new album; Give a synopsis of your album?

A3 The title of my Album is ‘Nikolani pawoko Fumu’ which means Hold my hand Lord. The lyric of this song emphasis on the trust and victory of God in my life in contrast with the other universe ways which in most cases have ended in sour.

The inner stem of the title also tells the story of an individual who never believed in God, was astray and lost with the belief of supernatural or sarcastic ways “Nayezga nthowa za chalo kwene na tondeka but he finally returned to God.

The overall message that the album carries is building and strengthening the unconditional love of God amongst the human race. Kuseli kwa Buku, Ndise Wamoza, Muvikilili Wane and Ndine Mungoni are some of the songs that will lift up our spirits.

Q4 When are you launching your first Album?

A4 The album will be on the market towards the end of this year, the first launch to be held here in South Africa and next year at home, in Malawi as the old saying home is best.

The album was recorded at KB records right here in South Africa except one song which was produced by Ralph Ching’amba at Ralph Records based in South Africa as well.

Q5 How do you see yourself on the Market? 

A5 The market is not easy nowadays especially in music industry, the sweat is fruitless, before you release your project someone has it already through piracy.

So a marketing strategy has been developed to sell CDs in phases, the first phase has already been initiated where those who want the music will have to book and their CDs are printed.

 This is one way of knowing the number of the CDs on the market and trucking down the pirated work.

The second phase will see my CDs on market with my representatives in different areas and will alert customers South Africa and in Malawi where to find CDs.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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