IMG_20170602_142508By Augustine Kambuzi

Volunteers from Denmark under Danish Church Aid which is in partnership with Sprodeta in the country on Friday, 2 June 2017 donated 45 desks to St Dominic Primary school at Bwengu in the area of Senior Chief Mtwalo.

According to the volunteers the initiative came following a visit to the school, where they found out that the school had only 13 desks a scenario which they said would affect learner’s performance in Class.

In an interview with one of the volunteers Christina said they managed buying 45 desks at a cost of MK700, 000 about ($ 1000).

“We found out that the school had only 13 desks which to us was not good considering that learners can do better in class when they sit comfortably”.

Adding she said, “It is difficult for girls to stand up and answer questions properly if they are sitting on the floor, so we asked our parents to support us in this initiative”, she adds.

In her remarks Raja one of DCA Volunteers to Malawi, acknowledged the hospitality of their host families she said the community at Bwengu has truly shown that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa.

“People are so loving and very helpful and the experience here has been amazing”.
Adding she said, “We give big thanks to our families who welcomed us like their own children”, She adds.

In acknowledging the support one of  learners Khumbo Hara standard 7 girl hailed DCA Volunteers for the donation of desks, she said the desks will promote girls education.

“At first it was very difficult for us to stand up and answer questions in class which was making us as if we don’t know anything but this time with this support we will participate properly in class”, she said.

The volunteers from Danish Church Aid stayed at Bwengu in Mzimba district for almost 3 months as they were trying to learn how people live in communities. The visit was possible through the partnership of Danish Church Aid and Small Producers Development and Transporters Association (SPRODETA) in the country.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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