IMG-20170118-WA0006By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

The Small Producer’s Development and Transporters Association has embarked on a 28.9 Million project (about $ 37,000) which aims at promoting local farmers through poultry farming in Mzimba District.

The project which is implemented with support from Danish Church Aid is being executed in two Traditional Authorities namely Mzikubola and Maulabo.

Speaking in an interview the Executive Secretary for Sprodeta Allen Kumwenda said the project intends to empower local farmers to be food secure and resilient through chicken production.

“Our intention is to improve people’s livelihoods in this case through chicken production, we are also concerned with vulnerable groups especially women like in Mzimba people think women cannot own productive resources which in return suffocates them to attend economic empowerment” he said.

Kumwenda added that as one way of improving local farmers livelihoods Sprodeta has already distributed over 5,000 local chickens at cost of $ 6,660 (about K4.5 million) to local farmers in Mzimba.

“So far we have managed to distribute chickens to more than 6,000 farmers, and through this project we anticipate to reach more than 12,000 local farmers in the next three years”, he adds.

One of the beneficiaries of the project who received 10 chickens Margret Nyirenda said the chickens will help her to sustain her family.

“I received 10 chickens Am a very happy person to be one of the beneficiaries of this project”, she said.

Adding she said, “some of the chickens have already started hatching”.

The Organization (Sprodeta) conducted a survey in local restaurants at Jenda, Nkhamenya, and Rumphi Boma just to mention a few and found that half of the customers eating lunch or dinner opts for local chicken than hybrid which pose as a market opportunity to local farmers.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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