By Augustine Kambuzi Banda
Being young doesn’t mean having small brains. It is the sharpness of the brain which prompts wisdom and vision in someone to be successful says a 27 year old Sylvester Kapondera who hails from Israel Village, Traditional Authority Kaluluma, Kasungu District.

Just like the tale of two cities by dickens while other energetic young men are busy complaining waiting to be empowered by government through entrepreneurship, some are actually busy empowering themselves.

One of such young man in the every green city of Mzuzu is Sylvester Kapondera a Bachelor’s Degree holder and also a fast rising star Journalist who is also in Taxi Business.

In an interview yesterday Kapondera said apart from being Journalist he started a Taxi business to sustain his life instead of waiting for the government to empower him economically.

“I started saving very little from my pocket money when I was studying at Malawi Institute of Journalism, which is different from other people who do not save and wait for the government to employ them, so we need the spirit of saving”, Said Kapondera.

Adding Kapondera said he was also involved in tobacco business where he was buying from farmers then selling at a good prices which helped him to accumulate the money for buying the first Taxi at 1.5 million kwacha (about $2000).

“The little I gained from selling tobacco and goats I managed to buy a Taxi as of now per day am able to make 9,000 kwacha”.

In expanding the business Market Kapondera said the profits from the first taxi and the partnership with her fiancée they have managed to buy another Taxi.

“The profits we made in the first place we bought another Taxi which is also making a lot of profits, and when the business is doing well we are able to find more profits”, said Kapondera.

The Taxi business will soon be branded S & M investments as Kapondera will be partnering with his fiancée. Kapondera said by 2020 the business is expected to have more than 4 vehicles running on the roads of Mzuzu City.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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