IMG_20151202_031620Bishop John Ryan: watering a tree he planted at St Patrick’s Seminary-Rumphi (photo-Kambuzi)

By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Professor Right Reverend Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan hit again on the care of environment.

Bishop John Ryan of Mzuzu Diocese said people have the duty to take care of the environment which is deteriorating at a very fast rate, which causes climate change and havoc on human life.

Bishop John Ryan said this in his homily at St Patrick’s seminary in Rumphi during Eucharistic cerebration on the feast of Saint Patrick the patron Saint of the seminary.

Speaking to media after service the Bishop said the environment has been destroyed, he said to avert the effects of climate change is to plant more trees.

“Our world is crying out for healing we have destroyed the environment that God created which has changed the climate, we have denude our planet of trees, this is disrespect to Gods creation.

If we destroy the nature we are destroying ourselves because we depend on the air and water to sustain our life”, Added the Bishop.

In a similar interview the bishop urged seminarians to work hard in their studies so that in future they can heal and protect the environment.

“We are here today for seminerians, you need to work hard in your studies so that you should be able to take care the environment which we have destroyed”. Said the Bishop.

Just recently at Nkhamenya, where he launched a tree planting season for the diocese his lordship Right Reverend Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan bemoaned unscrupulous behavior of cutting down trees carelessly.

Since his concecration as bishop of Mzuzu Diocese, Right Reverend Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan has repeatedly requested Christians and people of good will to take part in conserving the environment.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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