IMG_20170308_110302.jpgBy Augustine Kambuzi Kalanda Banda

Women in Mzimba has expressed gratitude to Radio Tigabane for implementing a project which aims at curbing gender based violence with support from Tilintose Fund.

The project which is underway in the Area of Traditional Authority Chindi in Mzimba so far has helped  1000 women and girls from cases of  gender based violence.

Kazimula Tilintose Radio Club in the area of Group Village Head Chagagu Shaba is one of the successful Clubs which has registered good results of the project.

According to the chairperson of the Club Elines Ngwira the club has managed to eliminate all customs that violates women’s and girls’ rights.

“Radio Tigabane through Tilintose Fund trained us on Gender Based Violence, now we are able to know our rights and if there is infringement we are able to consult chiefs and  police for help.

Together with our chiefs we have eliminated some customs which were violating our rights”, she added.

Speaking to Radio Tigabane Group Village Headman Chigagu Shaba of the area vowed to continue supporting women to end some of customs which violates women’s and girls rights in his area.

“We also underwent a training on gender based violence which Radio Tigabane organized, and from that time I realized that there are some customs in our culture which infringes women rights.

As chiefs we have already drafted bylaws which will help us to put to end violence against women and we have already started using them”, added Shaba.

According to the Project officer Happy Mthulula who is also Project and Marketing Officer for Radio Tigabane said she was pleased with the work that women are doing in elimination of violence against women.

“The first time we came here women had no knowledge of gender based violence but after offering training to them their  lives have changed as we are witnessing the fruits of the projects today”, she said.

Kazimula Tilintose Radio Club has made an effort to end gender based violence against women and has also created kaweche sub club in the same area.

Radio Tigabane has been implementing the project since 2012 and is still working with 7 Radio Listening Clubs.


Author: kambuziblog

Am trained journalist currently working for Radio Tigabane of Mzuzu Diocese as Head of Programs.

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